Organization Culture

Through our Culture engagements, our programs provide diagnostics and assessment frameworks. Through these detailed exercise, it helps teams & organization to identify, ascertain , redefine or shape their cultural maturity and personality. This foundational program aids organization’s efforts to prepare for their future readiness by identifying the gaps and addressing change management challenges.


Define/explore/validate cultural identity of the organization.


Through various interventions (appreciative inquiry, design thinking, assessment tools), based on organization’s context, the program (Say It With prose), explores the cultural maturity through comprehensive framework.

Target audience:

Mid-senior participants from different teams | Leadership teams.

Culture Alignment:

Identifying and understanding the sub culture within the organization. Providing and analytical and discovery process approach to bring awareness about the overall culture and inspiring the workforce groups for common goals.

Culture Shaping:

For start-ups and SME’s define the culture identity and establishing personality of the organization.

Culture Validation:

An exhaustive intervention to diagnose discover and discminate the overall culture fabrics of the organization and identify the gaps and enablers.

Expected output:

Well-calibrated, internally driven and collectively curated scores on organizational maturity levels. Observation & analytics reports, based on overall workshop dynamics.

Culture training for employees

1. Culture training for employees is significant in providing a common direction to the entire workforce and aligning them towards a common purpose.

2. Culture training in the workplace to develop clarity coherence and energy at workplace , it is critical to provide recurring messages communication narrative and immersion program to incomplete the desired culture across the organization.

3. Culture Training activities is our signature intervention( SIWP) includes articulately desired organization accessing the organization culture maturity individually as well as collectively and drafting the action charger for enhancing the overall culture maturity

We invite you to have a pilot with us to determine your culture maturity and then have a more focused approach to designing / augmenting your organizational interventions.