Management Training

At different stages of their career cycles, employees need capability enhancement programs. Addressing various competencies, corresponding to their career stages, we have programs to enhance their Managerial skills, and behaviour skills and enable them to excel in their performance. Our specially designed programs focusing on Innovation management and Vision workshops serve specific purposes for the target groups.

Soft skills:

According to (WEF) the word economic form international labor organization (ILO) and the World Bank most critical skills to navigate into the future are soft skills.

Collaboration, curiosity, and motivation will play a much larger role in enabling other technical skills to accelerate the future of the economy.

Our workshops focus on:

  1. Identifying the most critical soft skills training topics.
  2. Defining and delivering the most instrumental soft skills training courses to suit the organization’s context  and behavior
  3. Developing those relevant soft skills & translating them into a behavioral demonstration

Behavior training enrichment:

Employees bring their selves to the workplace their behavior impacts not only the organization’s culture but also their performance.

Behavioral training enrichment includes more aware cognitive abilities more effective interpersonal relationships stronger relational coherence and genuine relationship building at the workplace.

Behavior Training for employees includes body language workplace etiquette interpersonal relationships empathy, listening skills, effective communication and art of appreciation.

Through our Management training programs, we aim to build organizational capabilities, targeting specific competencies and growing the human capital internally.