Culture as a powerful organizational tool has immense potential, which needs to be unlocked. Through an experiential discovery program (Say It With prose, SIWP), this workshop aims to bring a creative & appreciative understanding of organization culture and enhance the organizational effectiveness

Yes, the workshop is anchored on 3 broad factors of Outward Looking & Inward Building, Future Readiness and Organizational Care; which are further layered into 12 and further sub-themed into 36 parameters evaluating the holistic maturity of the organization

This workshop elicits the intrinsic creativity of individuals and channelizing them into portraying into a “Desired organization”, and subsequently evaluating the current maturity levels. The organic articulation and collective ideation, brings forth an honest output, bringing pertinent action plans for the organization

Culture is an intrinsic aspect of organizations, of all size, shape, industry or geographies. SIWP aims to serve different purposes for different organization, inadvertently fulfilling the fundamental objective of understanding and enhancing the organizational culture. 

SIWP is like uptaking a physical exercise habit. Relevant, useful and benefitting anytime it is picked up as an enabler, a habit or a reinforcement. Whether the organization going through an upward trajectory, expecting impending changes, planning restructuring/scaling/diversification, looking to inspire its people towards common goal; SIWP is always an empowering exercise;

For small organizations, it plays a curating role of shaping/establishing or defining the cultural identity of the organization.

For mid-size organization, it’s a reflecting exercise, bringing together scattered perspectives and uniting them in a common direction.

For large organization, SIWP aims to be a validatory exercise, aimed to align Management’s expectation of the organization culture with the realities identified through the exercise

The exercise is contextualized basis the profile of the organization and the participations. Some of the techniques and methodologies applied are natural articulation, creative freewheeling, organic ideation, design thinking, appreciative inquiry, collaborative exploration

Tangible output: Culture Maturity Scores (Individuals + Collective) | Collective & comprehensive Action plan

Intangible output: Building a psychological safe environment, promoting creative engagement and diverse perspectives | Alignment of strategy with internal motivation & commitment | Identifying the unsaid gaps |Reviewing/ ascertaining/ rebuilding the cultural fabric of the organization | Determine areas of focus through bottom-up sensitization